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About Our Company

Company Profile

Prairie Labs is a premier manufacturer of innovative hearing aids and related devices designed to improve the quality of life of hearing-impaired people nationwide. Prairie Labs’ also offers the nation’s second-largest all-make hearing aid repair service. Headquartered in the Minneapolis suburb of Hopkins, Minnesota since 1988, Prairie Labs serves patients through a vast network of independent hearing aid dealers and audiology professionals located throughout the United States and Canada.

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Mission Statement

The mission of Prairie Labs is to leverage our extensive experience in the audiological sciences with a strong entrepreneurial spirit to deliver quality products and services at affordable prices, thereby enabling hearing-impaired people to enjoy improved quality of life.

Company History

President and CEO of Prairie Labs, Inc., Mark Haghi, founded Prairie Labs in March, 1988 after serving more than a decade in the hearing aid industry, during which time he gained valuable management experience with one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers. Haghi built the foundation of the fledgling Prairie Labs business by focusing on the company’s unique all-make repair capabilities, which quickly earned Prairie Labs a reputation as one of the best repair facilities in North America.

As Prairie Labs grew on the strength of its repair capabilities, Haghi began to build the company’s manufacturing competence, while focusing the business’ marketing efforts to address the specific needs of North American hearing aid dealers and audiology professionals. Prairie Labs has since introduced an ever-growing range of custom hearing aids for every conceivable hearing application.

Today, the company continues to explore new technologies that offer unique opportunities to enhance the quality of life for the hearing impaired. As a result, Prairie Labs has made dramatic strides in capturing an ever-growing share of the highly competitive hearing aid market.

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